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Helical Screw Piles

At Deco Decks, we use helical screw piles for our deck footings. Helical piles are far superior to traditional and outdated concrete footings. Helical piles are basically hollow galvanized steel rods with a screw-type anchor at the bottom of the rod. The advantages of helical piles for backyard deck installations are many. Read more below.

Eliminates Frost Heave

The biggest advantage of helical piles is that they eliminate frost heave in the winter. Helical piles will remain firmly planted in the ground through all seasons.

Helical Screw Pile
Helical Piles2.jpeg

CCMC Certified

We use only CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) Certified helical piles and all of our installations come with an engineer's report to certified their long term structural integrity. 

Helical Piles3.JPG


  • Protects your deck from yearly frost heave.

  • Ease of installation with minimal soil disturbance.

  • 7' deep as opposed to only 4' deep for concrete footings.

  • Guaranteed for 25 years (Concrete footings have no guarantee)

  • Load bearing and load capacity can be confirmed immediately during installation.

  • Completely removable. 

helical piles for backyard deck build
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