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Telephone Consultation

The first step in our journey together involves using our CONTACT FORM to submit a request for a free estimate. Once you provide us with pictures and other details, we will set up a telephone consultation to review the details of your proposed project. This consultation will include the following:

  • A discussion of the scope of work including all of the elements you wish to consider such as deck layout, size, decking, railings, skirting, pergolas, benches, lighting, etc. 

  • A discussion of your budget and timeframes,

  • Will provide design and professional advice,

  • Will provide a free estimate to give you an idea of the cost of your project based on the scope of work. 


On-Site Consultation

If you wish to proceed to the next step we will begin the process of preparing a Project Plan & Proposal. The fee for this part of the process is $145 plus HST and this plan includes the following:

  • A site visit and consultation. This includes a full site review where all required measurements are taken. 

  • A full design consultation which will cover deck layout, decking, options and colours, railings, and any other design considerations such as privacy screens and lighting. 

  • The preparation of a detailed 2D plan and if desired, 3D renderings (extra cost).

  • The preparation of a full detailed proposal, project plan and final quote. 

The benefit to you of this Project Plan & Proposal will be the fact that all drawings and proposal details will belong to you which allows you to shop around and equally compare any other quotes. If you decide to go with us, the cost this part of the process will be deducted from the price of the project. 


Proposal Preparation & Presentation

With details in hand from the site visit and consultation, we will begin the process of preparing a full project proposal with a plan and final quote based not only on the project details but also ultimately on your budget. If necessary, we will then set up another meeting to present to you the proposal and plan which may contain various options which will be discussed.


At this point you have the option of signing the proposal or using it to "shop around" which is something we encourage as we want you to be able to compare apples to apples and we are confident and passionate about what we do and the fact that we pride ourselves on our unique designs, our craftsmanship, and the excellent experience we give our clients.


Sign the Proposal and Let's Get Started!

Once you are ready to move forward, it's just now a matter of signing the proposal and setting the schedule so that we can get started!


Receive follow-up communications

Once you are on our schedule for your backyard deck build, you will receive regular updates from us regarding the estimated start date in order to give you ample time to prepare. 

And all of this is only the beginning! At this point we will do everything possible to ensure that you have full peace of mind during the entire process. 

At Deco Decks, we are dedicated deck builders serving the Toronto GTA and as such we are committed to providing you the best customer service through our structured deck design and building process. It is important that you get what you want and more importantly, to get what you paid for. Our process is designed to ensure that no detail is ignored so that you know exactly what you are getting. And once we agree to work together, our process is designed to ensure that the communication continues through the entire building process so that you know what is happening every step of the way. 

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